Academic Activities

S.No. Date Name of Speakers/Trainer Designation/Department Topic
69 17/06/2017 Dr. K C. Vyas General Surgery Parentral Nutrition: Administration & Management
68 11/04/2017 Dr. Guru Bhushan, Asst. Prof. Plastic Surgery - Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery: An Overview
67 17/03/2017 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Pediatrics Management of Dog Bite
66 11/03/2017 Dr.Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs An Overview of Harmonal Intrauterine Devices.
65 18/02/2017 Shyamma Chenna   Meditation With Pyramid
64 17-19/01/2017 Dr. Neeraj Mahajan, MCI Regional Nodal Center, NHL Medical College & Hospital, Ahmedabad. Medical Education Unit PMCH 1st Revised Basic Course Workshop On Medical Education Technology.
63 14/01/2017 Dr. Shweta Mittal, IVF Specialist from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Gyne & Obs IVF-What is New?
62 15/12/2016 Dr. Atulabh Vajpeyee Dept. Of Neurology Acute Stroke: Awareness & Management
61 19-20/11/2016 Dr. Apoorva Vyas, Bariatric Sugeon Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad Deptt.of General Surgery PathoPhysiology of Morbid Obesity and Robotic Surgery-An Advanced Technique in Bariatric Surgery(CME and Surgical Workshop)
60 18/11/2016 Dr. Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs Bye Bye Anaemia:Welcome Newer Parentral Iron Therapy.
59 25/10/2016 Dr. Rajrani Sharma Gyne & Obs Newer Contraceptive Drospirenone
58 22/10/2016 Dr. K R Sharma Dept. Of Medicine A Prognostic Role Of Serum FSH In The Management of AZOOSPERMIA.
57 15/10/2016 Surgery Department Dept. Of Surgery WEBINAR: Vague Functional Dyspepisa
56 09/10/2016 Dr. Srujal Shah,CIIM Hospital Ahmedabad Deptt.of Surgery A Live Workshop on Surgery of Varicose Veins and Venous Ulcers
55 8/10/2016 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Asst.Prof.Pediatrics Vaccination: What is new?
54 1/10/2016 Dr. KC Vyas Prof.& HOD (Surgery) Constipation
53 24/09/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas General Surgery Video Presentation on IBD/IBS
52 10/09/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas,Dr. B.M.Soni,Dr. Gaurav Wadhawan General Surgery Surgical Safety Programme (SSP) for the JR's, Endoscopy and ICU/ER Staff
51 8/8/2016 Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy Swaminathan Scientific Director,CRM Bangalore IVF:The Basics,Present & Beyond
50 6/8/2016 Dr.Rajrani Sharma Sr.Prof. & HOD Gynae & Obs Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week
49 4/6/2016 Dr.Vinod Joshi Scientist & head Lab of Virology & Molecular Biology(ICMR)Jodhpur Medical Research need,present & future preparedness
48 21/5/2016 Guest Faculty & senior Prof. of National repute Obs and Gyne Comprehensive Women's Health Care
47 07/5/2016 Dr.K.C.Vyas General Surgery Abdominal Pain in Adults
46 30/4/2016 Dr.P.C.Jain Prof.& HOD ENT Deafness Control Programme:PMCH effort
45 9/4/2016 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Asst. Prof. Pediatrics Pediatrics Obesity
43 20/03/2016 Dr.Atulabh Vajpeyee , Dr.Dheeraj Khurana PGI Chandigarh NeuroSciences Department,PMCH Udaipur Course on Stroke and Interventional Neurology-2016
42 19/03/2016 Dr. Dinesh Kothari-DTO Udaipur and Dr. S.R.Sharma PSM Unite to End TB- WORLD TB DAY
41 13/03/2016 Dr. Arvinder Singh Invitee 7 Effective Thinking Patterns
40 9/1/2016 Dr.K.R.Sharma Asst. Prof. Medicine Vitamin D status among the elderly persons of south Rajasthan
39 19/12/2015 Dr.Jyoti Bhadoria Microbiology Needle stick injury & body fluid exposure prevention& management
38 21/11/2015 Dr. Bipin Baxi Orthopedics Modern Treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee
37 18/11/2015 Dr.K.K. Sharma(From Delhi) IHEC & GCP Guidelines training
36 31/10/2015 Dr. SC Kabra,Dr. Nitin Kothari MEU Coordinator Attitude & Communication (ATCOM) Sensitization and Competency based Medical Education
35 24/10/2015 Dr. S M Kagzi Stenosis in Orthopedics
34 16/10/15 Dr. Prakash Audichya and Dr. R.K.Singh Anaesthesia Deptt. PMCH Patient Safety in Anaesthesia : On World Anaesthesia Day
33 10/10/2015 Dr. Sanchita Dashora Asst Prof Gyne & Obs MTP & PCPNDT ACT: 10 10 2015
32 3/10/2015 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Asst Prof Pediatrics Hypothyroidism : Uncommon presentation of a common disorder
31 26/9/2015 Dr. KG Jangir Sr.Resident (Anaesthesia) Pre Anaesthetic Assesment
30 19/09/15 Dr.Ravi Bhatia Paediatrics Department A Case of Recurrent Anaemia
29 19,20/09/15 Dr. Jasvinder Singh as Guest Faculty Physiotherapy Osteopathy & Chiropractic Physiotherapy Technique for Spine and Pelvic Dysfunction (Basic Module) 2 Day
28 12/9/2015 Dr. KC Vyas Prof.& HOD (Surgery) Haemorrhoids
27 8/8/2015 Dr.S.K. Verma Asst.Prof.(Medicine) Discovery of A Herb for Human Heart
26 25/7/2015 Dr.Amitabh Kumar Prof.& HOD(Pharmacology) Irrational fixed dose combinations
25 23/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal/Mr. Brijesh Bharadwaj Student Lecture BLS Hands on Practice
24 22/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture BLS and ACLS in Pediatric Patients
23 21/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
22 20/07/15 Dr. Sameer Goyal Student Lecture Basic Life Support (BLS)
21 20/6/2015 Dr.Payal Soni Asst.Prof.(MicroBiology) Emerging & re-emerging infectious diseases
20 06/06/15 Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi,Dean Pacific College of Pharmacy   Writing and Publishing Research Article
19 30/05/15 Dr. Nisha Sharma Asst. Prof. (Gyne & Obs) Intra Uterine Growth Restriction: An obstetricians Dilemma
18 09/05/15 Dr.K.R.Sharma Asst. Prof.(Medicine) Male Infertility-A basic approach
17 29/04/15 Dr. B.S.Bomb Prof.& HOD (Medicine) Thyroid and Pregnancy
16 17/04/15 Dr. M.C. Bansal Gynaecology and Obstetrics Duties and Responsibilities of Resident Doctors
15 14/03/15 Dr. Amitabh Kumar Prof.& HOD(Pharmacology) Rationale use of Antibiotics
14 28/02/15 Dr. Shalini Bansal Asst Prof Gyne & Obs Menopause, what is new?
13 18/02/15 Dr. Ashok Verma Prof.& Head, Medical Director School of Medicine,Miami University(Boston-Florida) USA Guest Lecture Healthcare Systems in Developed and Developing Countries
12 14/02/15 Miss Shalini Jain Community Medicine Know your Students
11 13/12/14 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Asst. Prof(Pediatrics) A rare case of Anaemia
10 29/11/14 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Pediatrics Immunization guideline-2014 "What is new"
9 26,27/11/14 Mr. Brijesh Bhardwaj , Dr. Virendra Sharma Anesthesia Dept Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
8 8,9/11/14 ENT Dept. ENT Dept. International Cochlear Conclave-2014 and Workshop on Hands on Temporal Bone
7 18/10/14 Dr.K.R.Sharma , Asst Prof. Andrologist Medicine PCOD(Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder)
A critical medical review
6 11/10/2014 Dr. Amitabh Kumar , Dr. Nitin Kothari Pharmacology Pharmaco Vigilance Sensitization Programme
5 30/09/14 Dr.Rajesh Vishwakarma and Mrs.Shilpi Narang ENT Deptt. PMCH Cochlear Implant CME- Pre Conference
4 29/9/14 Dr.Deepak Bhojwani Surgery Department Soft tissue Sarchaoma
3 14/09/14 Surgery Department Surgery Department AAdvanced Laparoscopic Surgical Workshop
2 25/08/14 Dr.Pinnakin Gujjar Anaesthesia Deptt. PMCH Newer Inhalational Anaesthesist Agents
1 20/08/14 Dr.Aron MG from U.K. Orthopaedics,PMCH Live New and Faster Techniques in TKR